Hey Rockstar!

Welcome to my crib, where
designing your dreams, your career and lifestyle, should be something exciting & not overwhelming!

Chrysalogy is all about transforming your career. From getting career
satisfaction, advancement or even a pivot,
to working on your well-being and life balance.

Does this sound intriguing?

You can't read the label when you are inside the jar! 

But that's why I am here...

To ask you questions and to help you find answers you didn't know you had inside you (or you didn't want to admit).

"There is no career growth without taking care of your well-being"

How I can help:

1-1 Transformation Coaching

Have worked with clients from all over the world. Chrysa really enjoys having these 1 - 1 coaching sessions! Discover the options below.

Group/Team Coaching

◼Group: benefits group members by improving their capacity to reach their goal 
◼Team: helps teams align around a common purpose, establish inspiring spirit and vision, define clear roles, commit to team accountability, make powerful choices and take affirmative action.

Tailor made workshops/trainings

Are you a company or an organization and you want to create a course, training or a workshop?

  • Mentors 2.0
  • Well-being in the corporate environments
  • Mind your mindset


Via mobile or desktop app, to complete at your own pace.

You can download it via App Store, Google Play or by web.


   This is for :

  • The ones looking for more out of life.
  • The ones who are ready to invest in themselves and play a bigger game than they’ve ever played before.
  • The ones feeling STUCK/ UNSATISFIED and are ready to take an action.
  • The ones who need some guidance, clarity/awareness and identify their next career step.
  • The ones who are ready to become the CEO of their life.

   This is not for:

  • The ones looking for a quick fix.
  • The ones who are trying to live the life of someone else.
  • The ones  who are still playing the blame game - why certain things happened to them in their past.
  • The ones looking for a hand-holder (My goal is to help you feel empowered and to master your mindset, so that you can live your life to the fullest even when we are not working together). I am your partner in the process.


Have a look on how i can support you...

"Prevent Burnout With These 5 Powerful Journal Prompts"

For people who are
constantly lacking energy & 
are ready to make a change!

"Discover your
Career Superpowers"

With this exercise you will gain clarity
on your superpowers (skills, strengths, talents, abilities),
if you are changing jobs or want to completely pivot your career. 

Meet the company clients 

 What my beautiful clients say about my coaching: