To 'Dream Job" Or Not To "Dream Job"

Dream job… right? Since we were kids we were asked the question of what we were going to do when we grew up.  To me, a dream means freedom plus alignment between imagination and reality — the freedom of being 100% yourself and the alignment of who you are right now with who you want to be. What about you?

The Recipe To Overcome Sunday Syndrome

Do you ever wonder why we love Fridays so much, that we even made songs about them (TGIF, Friday I’m in love, Friday on my mind) while Sundays’ titles sound like energy drainers (Blue Sunday, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Gloomy Sunday)? Read the article and find the answer...

Well-Being ‒ The Answer To Burnout ‒ Part I

Aren’t you tired of being tired? Aren’t you tired of feeling ‘not enough’, overworked and unsatisfied? Aren’t you tired of lacking energy or motivation or simply of being confused? I know I am! Being one of many people who have experienced burnout, and being one of those who worked a lot through overcoming this, I decided to focus on advocating the prevention of this
problem rather than the cure.

Well-Being ‒ The Answer To Burnout ‒ Part II

Do you ever wonder sometimes why it is so difficult to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life? Why we, as humans, are constantly seeking more and more? More money, more work, more responsibilities, more projects, more more more… When does this “more” is enough? Who defines this “more”? How does that “more” serve us? Is this “more” driving our lives, or is it the moving power for our growth?


The Burnout Coaching Project

How you can prevent burnout and set some healthy boundaries