Mentoring 2.0: the new way

In the workshop we worked through:
-How to Build Trust & Create Connection
-How to Actively Listen
-How to build Accountability with your mentee

The workshop was supported with additional material of:
  • checklists for mentors & mentees
  • workbook on diverse topics on mentoring such as conflict managenement, promotions, kickstarters etc.

Focusing on Well-Being can prevent Burnout

Burnout signs - facts - causes

Well-being holistically - what it means and how to practise it. 

How to be Effective, Energetic & Efficient at work

8 different tools and techniques on how to increase your productivity, efficiency and energy! 

Stop being busy for the shake of being busy and become unstoppable at your work!

Career Development & Well-being 

An immersive training for advancing your career by focusing on: 
- Work Superpowers
- Boundaries 
- Self-talk
- Growth Mindset
- Unshakeable Confidence

Train your mindset to identify Bias in the workplace

What Bias means - how to spot it in the workplace.
Case study - interactive workshop - group work. 

Stress Management

Tools to overcome your overthinking!

Practical ways to be aware of the stress and how to tackle it!